*Prices vary by stylist experience. Includes shampoo and blow dry/styling*

                                Mens: $25-$35

                                Ladies: $55-$65

                                Children 10 and under: $25-$30

                                Scalp Treatment Add On: $35

                                Re-Cut or Consultation: no charge



*Prices vary by length of hair/stylist experience, includes haircut and blow dry/styling*

Short Hair (to chin)         Medium Hair (to shoulders)       Long Hair (past shoulders)

FULL COLOUR – Root to End:

Short: $137-$147              Medium: $150-$160        Long: $160-$170



Short: $155-$165              Medium: $180-$190        Long: $215-$225


                               Root Colour Touch Up: $125-$135

                               Balayage: $250-$260

                               Toner: $95

                               Individual Foils: $10

                               Defy Damage Add On: $15

                               Colour Tube Add On: $15

                               Re-Colour: Done within 2 weeks of initial treatment – Complimentary



*includes haircut and drying*

Short: $135         Medium: $160             Long: $200




*Wedding and Formal/Party does not include shampoo*

                            Wedding Formal: $95

                            Formal/Party: $75

                            Shampoo/Blow Dry Basic(short): $30

                            Shampoo/Blow Dry Medium/Long: $45