Elements Facial: $130 - 75 Mins

                                     Designed for all skin types your facial will be customized to address your skin’s own specific needs.                                         Our facials are an experience from head to toe that will leave you feeling renewed and rejuvenated                                         with a glowing complexion.

 Massage:       $100 - 60 Minutes

                                    Full body relaxation massage.

                       $75 - 45 Minutes

                                  Relaxation Massage focusing solely on the back, neck and shoulders

60 Min Massage with ½ Facial: $185 – 90 Mins

                                  This is a full body relaxation massage ending with a mini facial to leave you feeling relaxed                                                   and refreshed head to toe



Mountain Elements Pedicure: $80 – 75 Minutes

                                                   Using our local products from Mountain Mist, our Elements Pedicure includes nail trimming                                                     and shaping, cuticle and callous clean up. A beautiful scrub tailored with your preferred                                                           scent, full leg and foot massage and finished with a polish colour of your choice.


Mountain Elements Manicure: $60 – 60 Minutes

                                                    Includes nail trim and shaping, cuticle clean up. Using mountain mist scrub for a lovely                                                            exfoliation to your elbow and finishing off with a hand and arm massage. Finalize your                                                          manicure with a polish colour of your choice


Express Pedicure:                    $65 – 45 Minutes

                                                   A maintenance only pedicure! Does not include scrub, massage or polish

Express Manicure:                 $40 – 30 Minutes

                                                  A maintenance only manicure. Does not include scrub, massage or polish.

Princess/Super Hero Manicure:  $35 – 30 Minutes

                                                       Special little treatment for our kiddos 12 and under. Nail shaping and polish.


Paraffin Wax Add-On:    $15 - 15 Minute Add On

                                               Add a paraffin wax dip on to your manicure and/or pedicure

French Polish Add-On:   $15

                                              Add a French polish application to your manicure and/or pedicure.

Polish Add-On:                $15

                                              Add a polish application to your express manicure and/or express pedicure.

Gel Colour Add-On:        $20 – 15 Minute add on

                                              Add a gel polish application on to any of our manicures and pedicures for long lasting wear.

Gel Colour Manicure:      $58 – 60 Minutes

                                              Includes your nail and cuticle clean up and a gel polish application. Does not include scrub or                                                  massage. Gel Polish will have to be removed by soaking or buffing off.

Gel Polish Removal:        $28 – 30 Minutes

                                             Gel Polish will need to be removed carefully with a soak or a gentle buffing.

New Set French Gel Nails: $80 – 90 Minutes

                                             Using En Vogue gel we sculpt your new set from your natural nail bed to give a natural and                                                     durable gel application.

French Gel Nail Fill:        $65 – 75 Minutes



Classic Lash Extensions: Each available lash will receive a single extension to give a natural appearance.

                                             New Set: $120

                                            Fills: $55+ (starting price based on time and home care between fills)

Hybrid Lash Extensions: Alternating single extensions with light fans for a fluffier, natural appearance.

                                            New Set: $150

                                           Fills: $70+ (Starting price based on time and home care between fills)

Brow Lamination:  $75 – 60 Minutes

                                  All in one brow service includes a tint and wax to perfect the shape.

                                 Using a gentle brow and lash perming solution, this process straightens out all the curly and unruly                                         hairs, lifting the brow hairs up.

Brow Tint:                $20.00

Brow Tint & Wax:  $38.00

Lash Tint:                $35.00

Brow & Lash Tint: $47



Bride & Bridesmaid: $75 – 60 Minutes

                                        Thorough and careful application to ensure our wedding parties are photo ready and their                                                      makeup stays in place until the end of the night.

Basic Application:     $65 – 60 Minutes

                                        Thorough and simple makeup application for attending a special event



Brows:                      $20

Brow Tweeze:          $21

Upper Lip:               $18

Brow & Lip:            $35

Chin:                         $20

Brow, Lip & Chin:  $48

Full Face:                 $55

Underarms:              $30

Half Arm:                 $38

Full Arm:                  $43

Brazilian:                  $80

Bikini:                        $42

Half Leg:                   $50

Full Leg:                    $68

Half Leg & Bikini:   $80

Full Leg & Bikini:    $100

Back:                          $60

Chest & Stomach:     $75