The most important way we can stay working and still help prevent the spread of COVID-19 is not to visit us if you have been sick or been living with a person who has been sick in the past 14 days.   We will follow this, as well, for your safety.

Please allow for the 14-day quarantine after a holiday before visiting the salon.

When entering the salon, we ask that you use the hand sanitizer provided, or go directly to the washroom to wash with soap and water.

We ask you to wear a mask during your treatment, it does not have to be medical grade, your practitioner will be wearing one as well. 

Please follow all waiting area instructions, we will help guide you, you may choose to stay in your car until your appointment, if so please let us know so we can come and get you.   

You are only allowed to come with another person if the friend or family member has booked with a different practitioner at the same time.   There is no room for visitors, we will have an outside waiting area available as well for your comfort, please use all social distancing guidelines.  


People with disabilities who need assistance can let us know we will book a special time for you and your caregiver.

You can only bring one child in at a time for children’s hair cuts and you may not be able to stay beside them as space is limited.  

Expect a price increase between $5 and $7 due to the added time it takes to clean, the inability to work at full capacity and higher costs per treatment, this is unavoidable. 

We thank you for your continued support and are always happy to hear your suggestions and guidance.  Together we can make this work.