It’s so hard to believe Fathers day is coming up soon, so many of us struggle with what to get our Dad’s. They seem to have everything and what they don’t they never mention, keeping us in the dark of what they would like for this special day. This Mothers day, I was away in Alberta taking care of my Mom on her last days on this journey, Wow! I must say it will be a holiday I will never forget from now on. Moms funeral was the day after Mothers day, May 14th. My siblings and I are now the oldest generation and most likely our children think we are difficult to buy for on these monumental occasions. On top of that we don’t feel old enough to be as wise as our parents, so much pressure,
As a spa owner I usually try to have a side by side feature for Mothers and Fathers day, giving the gift of time. We are always trying to find ways to make our spa “men friendly” and couple friendly. After just recently going through the loss of my Mom, who was my best friend, I will continue to honor these occasions with side by side features to encourage people to share these special occasions and celebrate your Parents by spending time with your parents, either a walk, a meal, or spend a day in our spa and we will help make this day even more special. After all the hardest profession in the world is parenting.
with loving kindness,